Major Components


The unified portal for register and renewal of different top-level domains (TLD) will be charged according to the registration fees configured by different registrars.


The registrar is responsible for allocating subdomains. Registrars can be configured at any level, and are pointed to by the owner field of the registry.


The registrar responsible for managing reverse resolution via the .addr.reverse special-purpose TLD.

The reverse registrar provides functions to claim a reverse record, as well as a convenience function to configure the record as it's most commonly used, as a way of specifying a canonical name for an address.

The reverse registrar is specified in EIP 181.


PublicResolver implements a general-purpose resolver that is suitable for most standard use-cases. The public resolver permits updates to domain name records by the owner of the corresponding name.


All domain name lookups start by querying the registry. The registry maintains a list of domains, recording the owner, resolver, and TTL for each, and allows the owner of a domain to make changes to that data.


Auxiliary contract of registrarController, support bulk query registration price, bulk search domain names availability, and batch renewal function.

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